Doucakis staff people
Front row: Maria (Finance: 45 years' service) Alkis (Factory: 52 years' service)
Back row: Rob (Sales: 22 years' service) Alfred (Development: 47 years' service) Rodgers (Dispatch: 39 years' service)
Donna (Orders: 8 years' service)

As South Africa's longest-established manufacturer of Curtain Rods and Fittings, we assure you of unsurpassed satisfaction. Being a family business that has been in existence for 70 years, the owners personally supervise every order received and consigned.

The hallmark of our company's reputation rests on ensuring that all customers are provided with a high quality product, as well as service second to none, while maintaining competitive pricing. Unbroken promised delivery dates, integrity, careful attention to detail and reliability are our cornerstones.

After exhaustive research we discovered two wondrous warp-free woods that eliminate warping of our Curtain Rods.
Without exception, our customers have continuously preferred these timbers.

We gladly customise orders to your specific requirements, even to the point of being innovative. Finish is just one such requirement: besides offering a wide range of finishes - natural, stained, ducoed, gilded, limewashed, etc. - we can match colour or stain to your sample, whether it be fabric or furniture.

Our extensive range of products is aimed at complementing every style and fashion: from the traditional to the exotic.
Our Special Fittings line allows you easily and quickly to tackle with confidence the simplest or most complex installation. We constantly provide help to enable you effortlessly to place orders that achieve your design.

We supply to the decorating and hardware trades. Discounts are available to bulk purchasers. Dispensers are available to customers who stock our lines for retailing.

The owners guarantee implementation of the above undertakings, initiated from the day our business was established in 1952. This is confirmed in a statement of a large multinational wholesaler who declared, " You are not our best, but by far our best supplier"!

Cutting blocks for Fittings
Curtain Rod manufacture
Turning-finials   Gilding  
Turning of Finials
  GILDING: applying imitation gold leaf (not paste or paint)
Designed by Gerhard Prinsloo